The idea was carried out, the product was made – now it just depends on the right marketing. In the initial phase, start-ups and young online shops particularrely, rely on traffic through Fulfilmet by Amazon (abbreviation: Amazon FBA). .. But it certainly makes sense to trust directly on your own online presence.

Amazon FBA – “Shipping by Amazon” in German – offers shops the opportunity to register as a vendor with the online giant. The products can easily be placed on Amazon, which increases the reach of ithe independent online store. If you decide to “ship through Amazon”, you send the products to a logistics center. The online marketplace then takes care of the delivery. Customer service and returns also takes place on Amazon. The range increases without having to resort to expensive search engine optimization and link-building as well as cost-intensive online marketing measures. This saves time and money.

But the use of Amazon FBA is not for free, and startups very quickly run a risk of becoming dependent. The web giant retains a percentage of the profit made by the seller through the marketplace. This regulates the profit margin downwards. Increasing range and availability on Amazon often leads to price dumping. Competitors offer similar products cheaper. If there are no similar products, imitations often appear soon afterwards. Amazon may also choose to sell the products themselves.

Consequently, Amazon should never be seen as the sole answer. It is strongly recommended Ithat an online shop be set up on different platforms. Own web presence, as with many other on-line marketing and / or. Web activities, should be the lynchpin of the business. Start-ups and young online shops will therefore be well advised to mind their own shops and their own web presence as from an early stage and to successively optimize it . Even small and cost-effective measures will be successful in the long run and will help to make one independent of common marketplaces.

Image: Unsplash: Brooke Cagle

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