Contract for processing order data

In order to satisfy the data protection requirements by the order processing of personal data in accordance with the EU Data Protection Rules (DSGVO), an order processing contract is needed in certain cases. We recommend that each of our customers complete this contract with us. This contract regulates the authorities and instructions, as well as the rights and obligations, for the client (customer) and the contractor (wsfischer).

Completion of the order processing contract

Request by e-mail

Send us an e-mail to with the request for a copy of the current order processing contract. We will contact you after that and send you a copy.

Review & completion

After receipt, please review the contract for contextual accuracy, in particular annex 1, which documents the data that you have sent to us and if your company is subject to any special legal regulations. We will adjust the contract correspondingly.

Signature & delivery

If everything is fine, we will send you the contract by e-mail. Please print out two copies of the contract, sign one copy and send the signed document back to us:

Either as a scan by e-mail to or
send the original by mail: wfischer (owner Michael Fischer), Hermannstraße 3, 91207 Lauf





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